How do I: Monitor a Windows Service?

How can I monitor a service running on a windows server? Check_MK or some other plugin? Could you supply some details, if you have had success? Maybe a screenshot or two on how? Please and Thank you!

Did you read the documentation? Check_MK Setup - LibreNMS Docs

Yes, I read that but it is only three lines for Windows. I installed Check_MK on the windows server, but how do I check a specific service? I went to add service, pointed it to the server with Check_MK installed asked it to monitor the WUAUSERV and LibreNMS states critical - pollen server did not properly log the test request.

I think it may need some parameters? But I don’t know the how?

I have been trying to figure this out, I am closer

But I think my parameters are still bad - Help?
-v SERVICESTATE -p 12489 -s password -l SAVService -d SHOWALL

Have you tried running the same Nagios checks manually from the LibreNMS server’s CLI?

On your LMNS server, cd to the nagios_plugins directory and run the check that your service uses.

./check_nt -H vs-mead -v SERVICESTATE -p 12489 -s password -l SAVService -d SHOWALL

The output may give you some clues on why it isn’t working. I’ve never used check_nt so I can’t say for sure but a couple things jump out when I look at Monitoring Plugins - check_nt (

You can specify -d SHOWALL in case you want to see working services
  in the returned string.

So this may be more of a troubleshooting flag to list the names of all of the services but may not work when running the actual check.

This plugin collects data from the NSClient service running on a
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 server.

It may also be that this check requires NSClient be installed on the server rather than the Check_MK agent. But I would try running the check command first and seeing what happens.

I figured this out, through a lot of google searching and with the help supplied here. Thank you.

Most of it was due to my inexperience with NSClient++ I installed it but didn’t realize that I needed to activate the checks I wanted in the nsclient++ ini file.

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