How do you configure CPU utilization alerts for all multi-core CPU in servers?

I mainly use LibreNMS for server monitoring, and I have multiple Windows and Linux-servers (all VMs) running with multi-core setups (24 cores). It works great. But I am having some issues with false positive CPU utilization alerts going off, when only one of the cores (not all) are at a certain percent.

From what I understand, LMNS does not support alerts for aggregate CPU utilization for multiple cores, instead they trigger if only one core is at x CPU %.

Assuming others are having issues with the same limitations; how do you work around it?

I check this topic, but no luck with the custom SQl: How do you configure CPU utilization alerts for multi-core servers? - Help - LibreNMS Community

Thanks for update


ah yes, will try this custom SQL
Thanks a lot laf

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