How I created a Telnyx API transport for alerting

Good afternoon, team.

Worked on creating an alert transport with API using a service called Telnyx. I was able to get it to work with using the API option, but it felt like it was brute forced. Lots of tries with fails. Honestly, I know nothing about API and POST command, so it was probably my fault. But if there are any admins out there struggling with this service here is what I have put in my API transport.

Transport name: Telnyx-SMS
Transport type: API
Default alert: On/Off - depends on your preference
API Method: POST
API URL: - be careful this could change.
Options: did not set this
“from”: “”,
“to”: “”,
“text”: “(LNMS) {{ $title }}”

If you have any critiques on how I implemented this I would greatly appreciate them.

Thank you

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