How is the "top 10 devices (network IO)" widget populated?

This is my top 10 dashboard widget:

I would expect our 2 SRX5800’s to be somewhere near the top of that list, rather than the weedy APC PDU’s in our lab network. The red graphs are Dell iDrac - I don’t think they support traffic stats.

The top device in the list is running at 500 bytes/second.

Not a new thing, been like this since the deployment was new - just coming up on my “list of weird things to look at”.

$ ./validate.php
Component | Version
--------- | -------
LibreNMS  | 1.40-31-g9ff9dbc
DB Schema | 253
PHP       | 7.1.14
MySQL     | 5.5.56-MariaDB
RRDTool   | 1.4.8
SNMP      | NET-SNMP 5.7.2

[OK]    Composer Version: 1.6.5
[OK]    Dependencies up-to-date.
[OK]    Database connection successful
[OK]    Database schema correct
[FAIL]  The poller has never run or you are not using, check the cron job.
[WARN]  Your install is over 24 hours out of date, last update: Thu, 14 Jun 2018 09:29:03 +0000
        [FIX] Make sure your cron is running and run ./ by hand to see if there are any errors.
[WARN]  Your local git branch is not master, this will prevent automatic updates.
        [FIX] You can switch back to master with git checkout master

It adds together the combined IN and OUT network rate for all ports per device and then sorts this list from highest to lowest.

Relevant code is here, so you can check how the sql is working:

Well that’s clearly the intent, but as I have devices that don’t support netstats in the top 10, that’s not what is happening.

The queries return the correct data if executed manually.

I don’t have librenms in front of me but When you edit the widget was their an option for Ascending / Decending order ? Sounds like yours is the wrong way round. Try re-adding the widget anyhow.

Hm, seems like the ascend/descend setting wasn’t being respected for that widget.

Removing it and readding, it now has descending order as expected.

sorry for the newbie (as i am) question … where i can find the top 10 device and does exist a top 10 interfaces as well ?



It’s in the dashboard using the widgets.

thanks a lot owe you a beer …

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