How to add a new graph to a system?

If I want to add a new graph to a system what methods are there?

I use the “Apps” for some systems with common apps, but if I need to monitor a value that is not in the list of apps?


If I have a server running an application with a number of users connected and I want to have a graph of this number of users. I can easily make a script that returns the number of users (which can be run fron the snmpd).

But how do I add this “myApp” to the list of Applications to show the graph?

Or is there another method for adding graphs that is not included “out of the box”?

Any input to this question at all? :cry:

there is a bunch of Applications integrated. If you have one which isn’t it would be appreciated if you write a Pull Request which enhances System with this.

Thanks for your reply @SourceDoctor .

I have used some of the included Apps and know how they work, but I am not a developer…
(I can write small programs in several languages like perl, bash, powershell, js, …).

Many of the things I want to have a graphics on is not of general interest (ie internal system statistics stuff).

I simply want a way to present a value X from a server Y as a graph in LibreNMS. Simple as that…

ah ok, have you tried Custom OIDs for this?

I have not looked at Custom OID. Thanks, I will look at this asap.

I can’t get this to work…

I have added this to my snmpd.conf

extend . users ‘/bin/cat /tmp/users’

When I test this from the librenms ui I get “Invalid data in snmp reply, value received”

name: test101
oid: .
Data type: gauge
Unit: number of users

Question 1:
What oid can I use for a simple number of users in an internal applications (ie the value I want to monitor in a graph). I just tested with a self-made oid number.

Question 2:
Is this documented someware with a simple example?

Anyone? Bump.

The same output when I tried to add a new OID in to librenms


Bump one more time…

Hi, no solution but same issue:

Did you get a response or solution for your problem?

@Sebastian_Diaverum I did not find a solution on this unfortunately.

I still want a simple way to make custom graphs for simple measured values.