How to add interface name to Alert title?


I want to add interface information(name, Descr…etc.) which triggered the alert on Alert title, then the alert title will be something like : Alert - device-hostname - device-IP - interface-name - interface-Descr . It help me to quickly understand which device and which interface is wrong in my mail list,

I do find the placeholder for device-hostname and device-IP, but not interface.
And the way used in template content aren’t work in title.

any advice for achieve this?


The alert is deduplicated based on the host. So if you have multiple alerts on multiple interfaces on the same device, they will end up as one single alert only. Makes it difficult to include the interface in the name of the alert.
It would be possible to still do it, if you want to, via a loop over all the faults included in the alert. (exactly the same way it is done in the email content).


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