How to alerting hipchat URL

Hello, I have hipchat installed and I’d like to link it through WebGUI with Librenms. In WebGUI, I have to specify an API URL, what is the correct address or I try to enter all possible combinations, but none of them work. Auth_token I enter the token that was generated through my own integration. I’ve also tried to create an api key (admin i notification), but neither one works. So, what about hipchat and what in librenms? Thank you


Perfect, thank you. This works, I had to enter the API key not for the room but the global API key that I had to generate. But I do not understand why API V2 does not work in Librenms :frowning:

v2 should work check this out -> COMPLETE: Update Hipchat transport to use API 2.0 by default

Yes, I found this but it still does not work. I would still like to ask about the config in the WebGUI Hipchat. Here I could set the color, … how can I write these values by writing a “variable”? I tried color = yellow; notify = true, … but this does not work. Is there also a guide to this? Thank you

And one more question. Can these messages be sent using Hipchat by device group (or contact info) to a particular Hipchat room?

Yes, it says it’s still in beta. But sure to try it somehow, you need to enter some URLs into the WebGUI, but even if I type /V2/ does not work :frowning:

i think thats old doc.

It’s seems like you should just be able to type in the hip chat URL and will auto detect if its v1 or v2

Hello, I just want to know If I can create an alert that will only send to specified Hipchat room only? Then another alert to the other Hipchat room. Is that possible? Thank in advance!

No, at this time you cant send specific rules to specific transports.
You can send Hipchat to specific channel tho that wouldn’t be to specific rules.

Hey Kevin! Thank you for your response. This will end my misery finding answers in the web.

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