How to check Device OID for Bandwidth Utilization


So we are monitoring a bunch of Cambium APs and we are having to write scripts to create Weekly, Monthly Bandwidth Reports. I’ve seen that a report to email function has been mentioned as a feature request a few times. So this is out work around. Currently legacy Cambium APs are looking comparible to the reports that we were pulling from Zenoss. However the 450APs we would like to setup in Slot Utilization instead. My question is how do we check what OIDs the devices are using?


Looking at the Cambium device page, you can open “capture” form the gear on the right side. This allows you to see the results of the discovery, poller, snmp and Alerts … is this what you are looking for?


Is there output in this debug on the specific OID used to create the utilization graphs?


Looking at the Libre Graphs VS SNMP walks at the same time that the polling’s occurring it’s clear that the DL utilization graphs are based on the 1 Minute utilization rather than 5 and 15 Minute. Is there a way to change the OID this graph is polling to the 5 Minute utilization. And if not how can I add a new graph with a Custom OID using the 5Min utilization.


Hows that gonna work poller runs at 1 min or 5min?


We are not wanting to change the poller we want to change the OID on the framing utilization that the AP stores locally. We will poll the different OID to get the 5 minute average (which the AP keeps on itself) from the AP when we poll it. The polling interval will not matter


How’s it gonna pull the data?


Via the SNMP oid for the 5min downlink utilization that the manufacturer provides via their MIB


???. So is this not possible to use the 5 minute interval instead of the 1 minute that it is currently using.


I guess you could change over to one minute polling.

check the docs for one minute polling.


I must not be making myself clear. The manufacturer, cambium has multiple OID’s for framing utilization. 1 minute, 5Minute and 15minute. The AP stores and averages the data in those intervals, when an SNMP query comes in for that 5minute OID it presents that data back on the query. For reporting we are wondering if it’s possible to have the OID for the 5Minute utilization show up in libre instead of the 1 minute data, or it would really be preferred for the frame utilization graph to show the 1, 5 and 15 minute data as pulled from the AP via snmp. This has nothing to do with poller intervals/etc.


@Cerento_NOC I get what you’re saying. If I understand correctly, you want to see all 3 utilization (mainly the 5m) show up in your graph view. That shouldn’t be too tricky to work out. Can you send an snmpwalk -On (numerical please) of that device (make sure it includes the sysObjectID) and I’ll poke around a bit. is the pastebin most folks use. The debug output of discovery.php and poller.php would also be helpful.


Are there certain parts of the output that you need? Pasting the entire dump is kinda messy and in some cases I hit the character limit.


Follow the FAQ for more information on submitting data.


Thanks. I appreciate your help very much. I hope that this is what you are after. I’m no linux guru by any means. I do know that this is on a Debian machine.



Thank you, I’ll find some time this week to look this over.


Thank you. Here is the rest of the information you requested.

Discovery -

Poller -


Thanks for adding the discovery and poller output, that is helpful. Your snmpwalk data seems to be a bit wonky. Did you copy and paste that into place? Did you pass the flags suggested in the FAQ? Some of the data lines are split onto 2 lines and I am unable to parse them. If you can get me a clean copy of that snmpwalk output I can get started looking at this.


There we go. Helps if you read. I have a tendency to skim. Sorry about that.


Updated Discovery output :

Updated Poller output :