How to configure network on librenms host?

Good day.
I just launched LibreNMS on VitrualBOX from “librenms-ubuntu-18.04-amd64.ova”
All network parameters (ip/mask/gateway/dns) were taken from VirtualBOX DHCP.
How can i configure network ?
It is impossible from LibreNMS WebUI ?

You cant from the webui as that is part of the OS more than LibreNMS.

Google change ubuntu 18 ip address and remember to change the network interface configuration in your virtualbox vm settings

Another surprize in Centos7 : firewalld.
I am used to having Debian or Ubuntu installed with an empty iptables table. But in Centos7, new “firewalld” appeared, which, however, in your image “librenms-centos-7.5-x86_64.ova” was customized by you, but not completely.
Let’s look at the allowed inports of the public zone:

[[email protected] ~]# firewall-cmd --list-all
public (active)
target: default
icmp-block-inversion: no
interfaces: eth0 eth1 eth2 eth3
services: ssh dhcpv6-client http https
masquerade: no
rich rules:

SSH,HTTP,HTTPS - that’s great for access and customization of LibreNMS.
But LibreNMS have another services such as
syslog on TCP/UDP/514 and snmp on UDP/161
and this services will not be available for devices that want to send data to them !!!

You are right about 514. 161 is not required to be open in the librenms host.

161 must be open in the monitored devices.

Fix is done and will be applied in next ova release.

Dont forget to add 514 to nat ports for VirtualBOX:

I try to run VM from “librenms-ubuntu-18.04-amd64.ova”.
It importing and running OK, but after i (as usually) do for Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo -i
apt-get update
apt-get install mc

I get unusable mc:

How to fix this unusable mc ?
mc - is my favorite tool for configure linux via editing any needed config files in linux

By the way in your “librenms-centos-7.5-x86_64.ova” mc is fully normal

sudo -i
yum update
yum install mc
yum install net-tools
yum install pciutils
yum install NetworkManager-tui

Need to add “syslog” in firewalld services.


You can edit the docs by clicking on the wrench on the top of the page.

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