How to correctly obtain/install all nagios plugins as they are availabe in ova image

Hey Guys/Girls.

Let me introduce myself:
I am a sysadmin with mostly windows experience on proffesional level and a little linux/ ubuntu expereince on personal level.
For monitoring my personal servers I have been using observium for about a year and after that librenms (I think about two years) so I am not totally new to it.

However recently I switched jobs and started a project for implementing a monitoring system in our coorperate network (because so far monitorin is virtually non-existend) off course there was no money available so I suggested using librenms.

I am currently in the process of configuring librenms on a vm from scratch and have the offical ubuntu/nginx ova image for testing purposes. I on our productions system I installed nagios plugins using apt-get install nagios-plugins and i tried installing the latest nagios plugins package (2.2.1) from
The plugions I have do work, however i noticed the ova image librenms installation has a lot more plugins/services available.

Some of these missing plugins are really vital for me, so in short my question is:
How do I obtain and install all the plugins that are available in your official ova image?

apt-get install nagios-plugins-*


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let me try that