How to create a dynamic device-group of "virtual machines"?

Is this possible?

In my case I am using Vmware/ESXi as hypervisor.

I am using mostly KVM and all my VMs mac address begins with “52:54”. I suppose all VMs of yours also have a “specific” mac address. You can use then ipv4_mac.mac_address rule to group them.

Clever thinking!

I tried but it did not work.

My filter is:
ipv4_mac.mac_address “Begins with” 000c29
(gives this pattern ipv4_mac.mac_address LIKE ‘000c29%’)

But I get a lot more than my vm:s! I get unifi access points, my nas and even all the physical machines. Strange!

Probably necessary to combine with somthing. Looks like the search hits mac-adresses even in arp tables…

Try mixing it with devices.os or devices.sysDescr. If you got a lot of VMs use pssh (parallel ssh) to add/change specific description in snmp for all VMs. Should be fine.

I think I nailed it!

I used ports.ifPhysAddress LIKE ‘000c29%’ instead and now I got a group with my virtual machines.

Good job :wink: