How to create a new state sensor fed by snmp extend

So what I assume should be pretty simple, but I cant seem to find solid PR examples of others doing this or documentation sadly.

Could someone please point me in the right direct of where I can create new state sensors and have the data come from snmp extend? so an example of what I have is in my snmpd.conf file:

extend mycustomscript /some/custom/

the /some/custom/ will output:


What I want to end up with is in my device page to have a new box with these states showing up?

Any advise or people pointing to code where I can add this would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @yswery
The extends are used for Applications in LibreNMS most of the time. Not in the standard sensor poller.
So the easiest way to do what you describe would be to create an application for your purpose, that will collect the data and populate the DB, and a plugin to display this application on the device overview page.

Thanks for the answer @PipoCanaja I was hoping I could avoid creating a full blown application for this (its just overkill for the simple states I need to makeā€¦)

And at the same time I am really wanting to use the snmp extend (so simply to add to your device!)

Ah, ill go down the application route of there is no super simple way to mix the two (sensor states + snmp extend)