How to delete Dashboard created by removed user


A user left the business recently. I deleted his account for the librenms servers but noticed he had a dashboard he created. He made it “share (read)”. Since I have global admin rights, I thought I could just delete it but librenms syays I cannot. I then tried to change the properties of the dashboard to “shared” and while it seemed to take, re-editing the dashboard shows it is still “shared (read)”. I cannot delete the dashboard or remove the widget. Is this by design or is there some process I need to follow. I couldn’t find anything in the LibreNMS docs about this.

You can delete the dashboard directly in the database, it will have a user id which doesn’t match existing users so you can simply remove that row. You might want to do the same with user_widgets.


can I edit readonly Dashboards which are created by a now deleted User?
I have delete my initial Admin account and create a new one and now i can’t edit my first created dashboards with that old admin.
Can I switch it back to write access with my current admin user?

How is the way to edit it in database?

Thanks in advance.