How to fill default fields (Hardware, Serial, Operating System, Platform)?


I made a device with SNMP protocol : LibreNMS detect it but LibreNMS doesn’t display basic fields (Hardware, Serial, Operating System, Platform).
What are OIDs (mib) that I must integrate in my device ?


Im not totally sure if you mean you made a device (physically) and want to monitor it with LibreNMS or that you have made support in LibreNMS to that device.

Can you explaint it a little bit? Also, pastebin ( a full snmpwalk of that device.

I made a device (physically). I want to monitor it with LibreNMS but I don’t know what MIBs I must implemente to for basic LibreNMS fields (Hardware, Serial, Operating System, Platform).

Also, I want implemente VLAN list, Rapid-Spaning Tree status, Processor load, PoE status, SFP status, temperature

LibreNMS usually takes that info (Hardware, Serial, Operating System, Platform) from standard sysDescr or private mibs, depends on device.

Implementing snmp in a device is totally out of my knowledge, sorry. But start implementing the standard SNMPv2 and IF-MIBs.

After that support your device in LibreNMS by adding it as a new os

Ok I thank you : so there is no standard to provide informations to LibreNMS to dectect Hardware, Serial, Operating System and Platform

There is no standard in SNMP to provide this information. So LibreNMS takes it from where it is, which can change from one device to another.
If you want to make it easy, I would suggest to define one OID for each of those :

  • mySerialNumber
  • myHardwareName
  • myVersion

If you do so, then importing the values in LibreNMS will be easier, than parsing sysDescr for instance.

OK I thank you