How to get a traffic capacity on LIbrenms API

Hi everyone,

I’m a beginner in LIBRENMS API and I use it to get traffic activities on some ports.
But I don’t know how can I do that.

Can someone give me a little help on it ?

Thanks ifSpeed is the field you are looking for (that is reported by the device as the link speed)

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Thanks @murrant for your answer :pray:

Do The ifSpeed value change with the traffic? Because for me the value never change , may be it’s normal and I want to know a peak of traffic by day.

This has just been discussed on our discord server, please join that and search for get_port_info and read through from the last mention of it

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I asked that question because I need to get all data related to one port during a period precise to build a statistic with other informations. And Idon’t know where I have to go for getting those data.

If you want precise info, use the billing module.