How to get auto-discover to work with Windows PCs?

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Hi everyone,

I have a LibreNMS server that I just recently set up. Most of the configs are set up to their default configuration. When trying to discover devices on my network, it is only able to detect switches and printers. I want to be able to auto-discover Windows hosts as well. Is there any special configuring that I need to do to get this to work?


The Windows hosts will need to have an SNMP client running.

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Auto discovery only works with devices that support cdp and lldp. You can try with arp but that is not wise to do.

Yes and like Heath said you need to setup SNMP on windows.

I could only get my windows boxes autodiscovered via arp, I only use librenms to monitor my 13 home devices so I enabled arp discovery despite having read several times it’s not encouraged, though I’ve not gleaned why.

If you need to enable snmp on recent w10 (1803 and higher iirc) type Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name "SNMP.Client~~~~" in powershell. For whatever reason the snmp service isn’t in Add Programs & Features anymore. After installing you can configure it in services.msc

Not recommend for a production environment. In your home, sure have at it!

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Yep, we avoid encouraging ARP cause it would be a lot of work for a LibreNMS machine in a bigger enterprise network, resulting in infinite discovery time or so :slight_smile:

But at home, that’s probably fine.

Thank you all for your inputs. I will just add them manually without SNMP.

Also, does anyone know if event logs are removed after a certain time? If not, is there a way that I can configure it to removed old event logs?

$config[‘eventlog_purge’] = 30;

You need to have SNMP in order to them in general.

Did anyone tried this: