How to get MySQL Info Remotely

I’m just trying librenms for the first time this week and have run into a roadblock that I was hoping you all could help me with.

On our database servers, we do not have PHP installed and we do not want to install it.

Nevertheless, we’d like to be able to monitor the MySQL application specific data on these servers (as described here.

Is it possible to query for the required information from a proxy with has PHP installed, SNMP configured, and can query that DB server, and then pass that on to the LibreNMS server and for the LibreNMS server to then recognize that the data is coming from the original MySQL server?

I know it’s a bit of a convoluted question, but essentially, I’m thinking of a kind of SNMP proxy that goes and collects the necessary info from the DB and then passes it back to LibreNMS, along with the knowledge that it is from the DB server.