How to handle *-BMC card support

This is directed more to all the devs.

I have a situation where I am trying to add support for a device that is not developed in-house by the vendor (as for instance Cisco/Dlink etc), but rather they tweak already developed hardware and then add a custom-built Linux os on it. These machines contain a BMC. In this particular case, a GIGABYTE-BMC. So at an OID set aside for a FRU, there is a unique identification from which the vendor can be deduced. My question is: is this something I am allowed to develop as OS: GIGABYTE-BMC, variant: vendor X? I reckon any manufacturer could add their details to the FRU, so for future expansion a simple if…else should suffice in identifying the different manufacturers/vendors that decided to use a GIGABYTE-BMC? Or is this something that would rather not be allowed? I don’t want to created a scenario along the same lines of the custom OID :wink:

Bump. Hoping someone will see this?

Is this something that applies to one os only? We already have ipmi polling FYI.

Seems like it would be safe to add to multiple OS and check if we have credentials or the oid exists if it is snmp.

If it is at another IP and you want to tie it to another device, the user will need to make that mapping.

You could also treat it similar to ILO.

In my case the IP for the device is the same IP as for the BMC. The OS is always Linux based (card supplied by Gigabyte), but the vendors who purchase and implement these cards will always differ. So I think it is safe® to identify this as a Gigabyte device, irrespective of the vendor. So it would be the same as any other Linux-based OS where we use other identifiers to uniquely identify the Gigabyte-BMC “OS”. If that makes sense?