How to Monitor a server that assigned with Internal IP?

I setup librenms server at external data-centre with company assigned public IP.
I want to monitor server A hosted inside my company server-room.
but this ‘in-house’ server A has internal IP e.g. 172.x.x.x
Though this ‘in-house’ server A can ping out to the public E.g. reach the librenms server

I don’t think this is possible via the [Add Device] option but I was wondering if there is a work around?
E.g. Internal server A periodically push/feed info to librenms server instead of librenms polling it
or I need to add 2nd eth1 network adaptor and assign a 172.x.x.x IP to librenms server.

Thank you in advance.

Setup VPN or NAT out SNMP to that remote server?

Do you mean setup VPN or NAT on librenms server?
Does that mean the librenms server will have 2 assigned IPs?

was talked about out on Discord.