How to monitor wireless controller?


we have ruckuss controller and we try to add on libre but the graph is limited and i try to googling about how to add the graph about but nothing.
there are the thing i want to graph :

  • CPU Usage

  • Traffic by SSID

  • Interface Traffic

  • AP in Total

  • Connected Clients

i can see the graph Wireless_clients but the graph is error. There is any doc i can read to try ?


This doc covers all of those: except maybe traffic by SSID. We don’t have support for that afaik.

Hi laf,

thanks for the link. But i still confused with the doc, if i want to grep the cpu of this wireless so i read this link, am i right? but what i must change to grep that?

I don’t know what you mean by grep that!

You need to write some code, that link guides you through it.


sorry i not read the code carefully, so i just need to change the ‘os’ variable which is same from database, am i correct? sorry if you confused cause i am not a good code reader :smile:

if i want graph another device i just create the new php code with that example?


You need to create the filenames using the OS name yes but within the code then you need to use the correct OIDs to get the data. If you get stuck either create a pull request on github with what you have so someone can take a look or create an issue and provide the information we ask for so someone else can add the support.


thanks for the info, i will check and to try adjust the code. Hope it will work.

Hi we also have Ruckus APs here (ZF7762), maybe we can help supporting this devices ? (we have traffic and clients graphs with observium on them)