How to properly run

Hi guys, librenms gui suggest to run manually
Im afraid to crash my sistem and loose historic data.
Whats the recomended way to do it and rollback in case something goes wrong with update.

Are you backing up Librenms? Is it a virtual machine or physical?

Unless someone else has a better recommendation, I would just ensure you have a backup, if it’s a virtual machine you can snapshot it. Then from CLI run sudo ./

edit–>also check your /etc/cron.d/librenms file to see if is in there. It’s probably running on its’ own on a schedule.

Thanks , yes Im running proxmox.
I will backup and then run it.

definitely check your cron.d if you get a chance should be running on a schedule by default unless you commented it out…so you might be worrying about backups and such without needing to.

Personally I got a little paranoid recently when I ran because I thought it pulled a backup and then it stalled on “cleaning database”. During it also uses your housecleaning settings to purge old rrd’s, syslogs, event logs, etc. so it can hangup for quite awhile in cleaning database while running interactively.

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