How to remove unwanted MIB associations

I already deleted mibs from discovery/os/ except csubAggStatsUpSessions but still see them in web.
ciscoAAASessionMIB includes/discovery/os/
ciscoSubscriberSessionMIB includes/discovery/os/
csubAggStatsUpSessions includes/discovery/os/

how to fix this?
is it ok to delete rows in device_mibs or device_oids?

I would suggest disabling mib polling (if I’m understanding you right)

I need mib polling, i just want to remove unwanted mibs from polling.

MIB polling is beta and not being actively worked on.

What specific data do you “need” mib polling for? It can probably be added.

i just need these oids :

I deleted all unneeded oids from device_oids but after few mins they are still there…