How to set alert for checking a specific disk storage in MS Server?

Hi I’m a beginner of LibreNMS.
I’m trying to set an alert to monitor the storage usage of each DISK in my MS SQL Server, but I have no idea how to specify each disk in the setting criteria, anyone can help? thanks ><

Here’s my devices in Server:(for example)
【Server IP】

【Storage】(this is fake serial number)

  • E:// Serial Number abc11548sd
  • F:// Serial Number er445s411ff
  • H:// Serial Number asd151632s

My goal is to check if the storage of「E://」、「F://」、「H://」is over the limitation.
And here is the criteria I set:
SELECT * FROM devices,storage WHERE (devices.device_id = ? AND devices.device_id = storage.device_id) AND ((storage.storage_perc >= "storage._storage_perc_warn" AND devices.serial = "abc11548sd") OR (storage.storage_perc >= "storage._storage_perc_warn" AND devices.serial = "er445s411ff") OR (storage.storage_perc >= "storage._storage_perc_warn" AND devices.serial = "asd151632s"))

But it seems doesn’t work.
I’m not sure if the problem is that I used the wrong criteria to select the device (by serial number) or other problem.

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