How to set alert rule to ignore more than one specific ID?


I created a alert rule to monitor when memory usage is greater than 95%, and ignore one specific ID

Later I want to ignore more specific ID, and I stuck.
two or more ‘not equal’ are meaningless.

Any advice, please?

It looks like you added mempool_id as a group, so the current logic is:

mempool_perc >= 95 AND (mempool_id != 22)

What if you made the mempool_id group an AND comparison:

mempool_perc >= 95 AND (mempool_id != 22 AND mempool_id != 32)

Probably don’t need the group in this case, but I’m doing logic at 08:00 so who knows. :slight_smile:

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Not bad for 8:00 AM :slight_smile: @Heath_Barnhart :slight_smile:

You can test this @Joe_Hsu, looks like it will solve your AND/OR/NOT logik issue :slight_smile:

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@Heath_Barnhart You’re the man!!
This solve the logic problem

Thanks a lot :wink: