How to Uninstall and Upgrade

How do you uninstall or upgrade oxidized? I can’t find any documentation or threads on it - I installed through ruby gems. I’ve tried simply uninstalling the gems, but the application still runs and files remain. I’m trying to fix the problem below with a fresh installation (hopefully).

I’m running into an issue found here when trying to integrate Oxidized with LibreNMS. Here’s a screenshot of the debug.

Running this command (modified appropriately - Oxidized on separate machine & diff port) from LibreNMS returns successfully.

php -a
$test = file_get_contents('');

Oxidized is separate inanity

I apologize, but I don’t understand what you’re getting at. The readme for oxidized said to try here or Glitter for help and support. Their docs don’t mention uninstalling or upgrading.

Should I delete this thread, and keep it strictly to oxidized/librenms integration issues?