How to use the Nagios plugins for Windows servers (namely Exchange 20xx)?

Hi all,

I have LibreNMS up and running, most of my systems are added and are working excellently.
Besides the Linux servers that I have running I have a few Windows servers as well.


  • Windows AD
  • MS Exchange 2013
  • MS IIS
  • MS SQL
  • Windev HFSQL

I’ve enabled the Nagios plugins and installed NSCLIENT++ on my Exchange server.
The powershell script is working (locally), but now how can I call this from LibreNMS?

As far as I’ve searched I can’t find an in-depth manual about this.

Any help is greatly appreaciated!

You just need to put your check_* scripts in the nagios plugins directory

I think the best is to use wmic +
I’ve also checked powershell for linux but it doesn’t include wmi commandlets :frowning: wmic seems a bit slow on my side but that could just be me.

Should be in there already :slight_smile:
EDIT: Been away for a while.

Will look into the issue further.