Howto: detect failures multiple times, and send an alarm only once


I’d like to design a alert, but I can’t do it right now.

Currently, icmp or SNMP detects a failure of a device and sends out alert (ex: macros.device_down),

But I want him to macros.device_down for the second time in a row before sending an alert?

Thank you f

Hi Jason

If you click on “Alert” in the top menu and then “Alert Rules” you should see the list of alerts currently configured. Click the pen icon (far right) to edit and then set “Max alerts”, “Delay” and “Interval” to your requirements. Max alerts “-1” means it will send an indefinite amount of alerts and then delay and interval should be easy to understand :wink:

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry, I may not describe it clearly enough to make you misunderstand. Let me elaborate on my problem.

In my case, there is a device that may not be able to do every icmp test because of a line or software condition,

Therefore, I need icmp or SNMP to send an alarm after two check failures back-to-back, because a single failure may be negligible.

I’m probably not the best person to answer as I have only been playing with Libre for a little while, but I’ll answer as best I can till someone smarter comes along :wink:

The notifications/alerts seem to be time and not instance based, so seeing as Libre polls every 5 minutes (by default), you would simply need to specify a “Delay” of 10 or 11 minutes, meaning a device would have to fail twice (2x5 minutes) before sending an alarm.


I see. This may be a temporary solution in my current situation

Thank you, I’ll try!