Howto to generate reports?

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Is there any way to generate reports or export information like inventory, or serches results to csv, xls or something like that?

Thanks in advance

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no way that i know of in the GUI, you could connect to the db (e.g and filter for the information you need, then right click export to csv

I installed HeidiSQL this afternoon, I’m going to hone up on my sql query skills and gen up some reports!

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I am also doing some tests with dbeaver but I would be very good to have an option like “Export to csv” in the port menu.
Thanks in advance.

Hi folks,
I’m looking to start generating report from our LibreNMS server too. Do you have any updates?


There is no reporting feature in LibreNMS it would be nice if someone would contribute code for that. :slight_smile:


Would be great. I find it odd they didn’t implement it.

Who is they?

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Anything on this yet? Any reporting capability? Mgmt needs reports to show how many 9s we have for our uptime.

I havent seen any volunteers.

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