HP iLO 2/3


Really enjoying LibreNMS, i have come accross the following issue.

I’m able to get SNMP information (e.g. Power Suppliers, temperature sensors) for HP iLO4.

HP iLO does not have its own SNMP host, but the data is passed to the OS SNMP service. Is there anyway I can get LibreNMS to read this information from the Windows SNMP service? This seems to work fine with another well know open source networking monitoring software.


Sure provide where the data is for that in the SNMP of the host and maybe it could worked out

Thanks Kevin,

I’ll get the information and post this week.

I think we already support hpilo temps in linux so it could be just a case of splitting that out to be picked up by windows or linux.

Post the link from running snmpbulkwalk -OUneb -v2c -c COMMUNITY HOSTNAME . | ./pbin.sh

Change the community and hostname above.