HTTP Check - Check HTML

Hi everyone! I need to check the html content of a site, I inserted the service in librenms but I can’t understand what the correct command is to read part of the html code. Can you help me ? I’m already checking the certificate and the site uptime. Thanks for your help .

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I suggest a script developed in Python.

You send a request and then analyze the code returned by the server.

A colleague developed something similar a while ago.

The idea seems great to me, and great things can be done.

If I find it, I’ll send it to you.

I was watching…

Good luck with that!

The Nagios check_http plugin, in your case, is of no use to you, since what it does is verify the response of the HTTP service, service and certificate.

Using this library, you can look up the values of html tags and get specific data like the page title and the page header list.

This can be the basis for your verification .py script.


Use the nagios service checks, specifically the check_http.

Specifically the

-s, --string=STRING
        String to expect in the content

Part, that will check the output from the page and if it’s not there then it will show as down and enable you to alert.