Huawei GPON Graphs are not being drawn


I have encountered issues with drawing graphs for GPON on Huawei MA5603T devices.
I can see that graphs were working in the past, i suspect they were damaged by one of daily updates.

I have checked and poller.php shows that IfInOctets received from the device are empty, however if i run a snmwalk from NMS server i receive proper responses.

Please find attached output:
validate.php - LibreNMS PollerSQL[select `migration` from `migrations` order by `id` desc lim -
discovery.php - LibreNMS DiscoverySQL[select `migration` from `migrations` order by `id` desc -

There is also a thread that described exact the same issue as mine in the same timestamp:

I am not really into programming but i think there is something wrong going on with my NMS configuration or with the poller.php itself.

Thank you in advance.