Huawei NAC and NAC model



I am working on a NAC implementation for Huawei VRP switches. Works well and it was pretty quick to implement with the collection model. But (There is always a but) :

  • Some fields are not available. Instead of Time Left (before renew I suppose) we have the time elapsed (time since first auth).
  • The VLAN ID is provided in the MIB, and as I am using dynamic VLAN assignation, I would love to keep that information.
  • The Mode field does not make sense in Huawei devices (I wonder if that one is a cisco specific one)

Would it be possible to add some fields in the DB and defined the default displayed field according to the type of device ?



Yeah, it definitely would be good to add or adapt some fields.

Didn’t want to bother trying to figure out something that would work across all vendors when working on the initial implementation.


OK. I’ll play with this and come with a suggestion.