Huge Spikes in graphs after manual Time change

I am using LibreNMS version 1.45-16-g01666e5 on Ubuntu 16/x64.
The system is graphing over 50 devices including Cisco Switches / Routers / Ubnt / Windows / Linux devices , everything was working Ok.

Yesterday I noticed that the Ubuntu timezone/time is not setup correctly, probably it was few hours ahead with incorrect time zone, therefore I added NTP and adjusted the Time Zone , & time got corrected auto. But now when I am viewing the graphs today I see Huge Spike in all interfaces graphs as showed in attached image.

How can I settle this spike in bulk ?


As you can see it shooted to 10-12G, whereas I have only 1 G supported network.

Check that FAQ

Ok I tried to use RRDTOOL to fix one port graphs and it worked.
rrdtool tune port-id45.rrd -a INOCTETS:5000000
rrdtool tune port-id45.rrd -a OUTOCTETS:5000000
rrdtool dump port-id45.rrd > fix.xml
rm -fr port-id45.rrd
rrdtool restore fix.xml port-id45.rrd -r

but how can I settle this for hundred of ports for different devices I am monitoring?

In the docs there is a script to remove spikes