I am looking for alert that should happen once route changes in asa routing table

I am looking for alert that should happen once route change in asa routing table…please if you could help me with that

There is no way to acheive that. Routing tables are only discovered every night during the device discovery process, once a day. And there is no mecanism for alerting on them

Is this something that can be developed? A “feature request” possible? I haven’t looked into the scope of what the routing table discovery consists of to see if its something that can be expanded on.


Basically, it could be developped, but would eat quite a lot of polling time, cause most devices are very slow to send routes via SNMP. That means that it would break polling most of the time on the concerned devices.
Routing table discovery is currently beeing re-written (I am working on it) but there is no easy way to

  • ‘Diff’ old and new table
  • Get the table during polling.

I see 2 things that could be done without much changes :

  • Get the route “count” and alert whenever the value changes. This is fairly easy, but does not give you the flexibility to follow one precise route.
  • Create an alert rule with custom SQL query and search for a precise route. Then you can add a new CRON task to discover your ASA device more often (let say once every 10 min for instance).

For the moment, we need to finish the rewrite of the routing table discovery module (will take another 2 or 3 weeks at least).