I do not understand how to use the VM


Hi everyone,
I do not understand what steps I have to do once I installed the VM.I thought that I just open it in my virtualbox and find a OS with the program installed.Instead, I found just terminal and do not know how to access the program



Pre built VMs are configured with internal NAT so, in your computer, just go to http://localhost:8080


Thank you! So I can just use the UI and everything should be worked? I need to run autodiscovery. I do not really understand the documentation.I’m sorry,but I’m a noob :frowning:


Autodiscovery works with XDP(LLDP, CDP…) and ARP protocols and its done at device add and every 6 hours.

You must config your snmp versions/credentials in the config.php and then add a core switch.

For editing your config.php, just login via ssh (localhost port 6922 iirc) as librenms user (credentials provided in the docs)

Check https://docs.librenms.org/Support/Configuration/#snmp-settings and https://docs.librenms.org/Extensions/Auto-Discovery/ for properly autodiscovering