iBGP info not display and it display as eBGP

Hi all,

I’m just install LibreNMS. Currently i’m also use Observium. After i install LibreNMS i cannot see iBGP info but that iBGP info display as eBGP. But on Observium no issue to display iBGP.


Hi @kechik_kechikma
You need to give more details in order to receive help …
What device ? What firmware ? may be your device is not yet supported by LibreNMS correctly, etc etc…

Hi Pipo,

I’m using Juniper vMX. For the librenms i’m using the .ova image. Then from ova image i already update to latest version. The issue on librenms it see iBGP as eBGP. But when i compare with observium it not have issue.


Please stop doing that. LibreNMS and Observium are completely different.

Yep, LibreNMS is not Observium. They have support, and we may not have yep. Feel free to add/improve BGP support for your device and contribute it.

Hi all,

FYI, i just show the issue that i face in LibreNMS. I just compare with Observium as the result. I’m not sure how to paste the snapshot in here regarding iBGP issue.

Anyone can guide me?


A screen capture will not help much.

Somebody has to write the code to actually discover this on Juniper devices. I don’t use juniper at all so I have no clue how to do this. You should tag your post as “feature request” and implement it or wait for somebody with the same devices as you have to implement it.

Is “set routing-options autonomous-system XXXX” included in the Juniper settings?

Without this setting, the value of “SNMPv2-SMI::mib-” would be empty.
Therefore, I think it will be judged as eBGP.
(That was the case in my case)

if ($peer['bgpPeerRemoteAs'] == $device['bgpLocalAs']) {
    $peer_type = "<span style='color: #00f;'>iBGP</span>";
} else {
    $peer_type = "<span style='color: #0a0;'>eBGP</span>";

I don’t know about Observium, so it’s my experience with librenms.

Juniperの設定に「set routing-options autonomous-system XXXX」は含まれていますか?

この設定がないと、「SNMPv2-SMI :: mib-」の値は空になってしまいました。