ICMP polling/ping graphs seem off


I’ve added a couple of local devices to just ping and report back, 2 devices are on the same subnet as the LibreNMS server and if I ping from the LibreNMS command line I get around 1ms, but these graphs don’t seems to reflect that. If you look at the Ping Responses there are around the 10ms mark and not 1ms and what is the Poller time as that looks it should be the one to use? Maybe it’s the descriptions.

Think this uses fping, try run this a few times, see if you get any higher ping responses

fping x.x.x.x -e -c 10

Check your librenms config and check you have the default fping settings https://docs.librenms.org/Support/Configuration/

If you have only added switches, try add a linux server to librenms and check ping results to that.

If I fping from LibreNMS to then I get between 1.2ms and 1.8ms. If I ping LibreNMS from another VM on the subnet it’s actually under 1ms (0.1ms - 0.3ms).