I'd like to optimise some Icons. What's your opinion?

I have a dream :grin:

I would like to change some Icons to make them more intuitive. My first example would be the change for Ports from fa-link to fa-ethernet:

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What’s your opinion?

Firstly, I welcome and admire the enthusiasm and discussion topics for improvement, we all need to do our bit and I support your dream :slight_smile:

For me when I read Ports, I think Links … or technically interfaces, things that connect to another thing - so I think the current link icon better represents the range of what people assume. I’ve searched the interweb archives for relevant interface icons and that’s an even harder vote :sweat:

A port on a device may be (off the top of my head): copper, fibre, coax, twinax, wireless, bonded/aggregate, virtual/SVI, loopback, tunnel, bridge, etc.

The deeper origins of LibreNMS are ISP/DC based, though I’ve used LibreNMS in Enterprise, ISP Core, MSP Datacentre/Branch, and Industrial environments. There is a wide variety of logical connection types that interact with a physical port which a device will enumerate, so there will likely be an equally wide range of opinions on what people assume to see on that tab. In modern networking, those connection types are also increasingly becoming logical/overlay.

In truth I’ll just click whatever is there from muscle memory and get over it, but it’s an interesting question - replacing with the word Links feels misleading, but changing the icon to an RJ45 (or 11) socket feels just as misleading.

Interested to hear the other opinions.


I agree with rhinoau. The current link icon better represents both physical and logical interfaces which are both on that page.

I would support making the icons changeable through the config so people can customize their instance of Libre to their liking.

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Wow, thanks for the insightful response! You are absolutely right. I wasn’t thinking about all the different types of connections.
The old network symbol from macOS would have been nice (Free Icon | Ethernet), but that doesn’t exist in fontawesome.