*Idea* for new dashboard widget

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Hi guys, I would like to propose an idea for our greatest developers, an idea for a new customizable widget for dashboard. As many other, I use LibreNMS for my organization more than 3 years. It’s already 2 organization where I bring this amazing product and develop it by myself.

An idea generally not new, and mostly of functionality already realized, but I think for most of us would be nice to have a possibility to create one pane widget with many devices and display the same parameter for every device. For example, please check my screenshot

Anyway, I hope it’s not difficult to do, cause it could be nice to have.

BTW, would be great if icons changes colors regarding general rules (min, max) that we can specify in device configuration. And of course, by clicking on icons I can be transferred on that device.

Hope you enjoy my idea and find it helpful.

Have a great day.