Idle Session Timeout for Web UI

Hello - I posted this in discord, but didn’t get a response, so thought I would also post here.
Is there a way to configure an idle session timeout for the webui, with ldap auth’d users? We’re needing to shorten this to 15 minutes, based on a PCI callout. After looking through documentation and searching old messages here, I did find this from 7/15, in regards to kicking out idle AD auth’d users.
“<adamb_> I think you can configure it on a PHP level
<adamb_> take a look at the session.* options in /etc/php.ini for controlling session lifetimes
<adamb_> You may also be able to fiddle with the env file, take a look in config/session.php for the defaults”
And I see where I can maybe get the needed results with the session.php file, by adjusting this value:‘lifetime’ => env(‘SESSION_LIFETIME’, 120),```
Because there is a warning to not edit this file, and I know there is an option to set some variables within the .env, I’m looking for exactly how that is done. I see overrides for DB related variables, but not much else Thanks for any assistance.

Here’s the validate.php

Component Version
LibreNMS 1.67-27-g9026cf5
DB Schema 2020_08_28_212054_drop_uptime_column_outages (173)
Python 3.5.2
MySQL 10.0.38-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
RRDTool 1.5.5


[OK] Composer Version: 1.10.6
[OK] Dependencies up-to-date.
[OK] Database connection successful
[OK] Database schema correct
[WARN] Disk space where /opt/librenms/rrd is located is less than 512Mb

In case anyone else runs into this, a co-worker came up with a solution that appears to work.
Within your /opt/librenms/.env file, you can add something like the following in order to override the SESSION_LIFETIME value found in config/session.php file.