IGMP Statistics


We are using IGMP on HPE/Aruba ProCurve switches (3500 and 5406/5412). It would be great if it was possible to monitor the Querier UpTime.

We do already have the MIB required for this:
snmpwalk -c -v2c -m//mibs/aos/IETF_IGMP_STD.mib igmpMIBObjects
IGMP-STD-MIB::igmpInterfaceQueryInterval.1185 = Gauge32: 300 seconds
IGMP-STD-MIB::igmpInterfaceStatus.1185 = INTEGER: active(1)
IGMP-STD-MIB::igmpInterfaceQuerier.1185 = IpAddress:
IGMP-STD-MIB::igmpInterfaceQuerierUpTime.1185 = Timeticks: (17484300) 2 days, 0:34:03.00
IGMP-STD-MIB::igmpInterfaceQuerierExpiryTime.1185 = Timeticks: (59900) 0:09:59.00

In this case the number (1185) is the vlan interface ID. We should show IGMP information if MP-STD-MIB::igmpInterfaceQuerier isn’t and IGMP-STD-MIB::igmpInterfaceStatus is active(1). Static information is Querier and QueryInterval while UpTime and ExpiryTime should be graphed. Warning should be sent if UpTime is reset or ExpiryTime goes below X (in my case below 8 minutes).

I’ve looked into doing this myself, but I don’t think I would do a good job of it.