Ignore BGP Peer

We have a number of BGP Session we monitor but don’t necessarily need to send alerts on. It would be nice to be able to ignore BGP sessions in a similar fashion to interfaces and sensors. This would also be handy for maintenance activities that would result in the BGP session being dropped.


I’ve found an easy way to do it using the Description field.

Lets say you have 10 BGP sessions and you only want to receive alerts from 2 of them.

Set the description field of those sessions to start with CORE and, in your alert rule, set to match the beggining of the description with CORE.

This can be used to have several kind of BGP session alerts. Critical for transit and a warning for peering.

You could also set more filters, like TIER1, TIER2, TIER3, CUSTOMER, etc and set notification groups for them.

Let me know what you think about this

That could be workable in the short term. I’ll discuss it with the network team and see what they think.

I think being able to use the GUI would be handier for maintenance and known outages, though.

Thats using the gui. The Peer Description is a field inside (and only used/writted) by LibreNMS

Go to Device (your bgp routers) → Edit → Routing

By default, description is blank. You have to write all of them.

And I have 2 kind of BGP Alerts. TRANSIT AND PEERING-T1 are notified every 5 minutes when down. PEERING-T2 are notified only 1 time for example.

Oh, I thought you meant the description from the device’s configuration.

Sadly, the BGP Peers description are not returned by SNMP (at least from Cisco devices), so they have to be manually configured.

Doesn’t appear Juniper does either, or at least the field isn’t populated.

Oh, no. None will populate it. When I did that part I tried to populate from snmp, but there wasnt response so I made it to be manually edited.