Ignore Filesystem

I would like to know if anyone could provide some assistance in helping me ignore the file system that I have below for one of my ESXi hosts, sure would be nice if you could click into one of your devices and just click a box to turn off getting information for one of your storage devices.

I’ve tried the following and haven’t gotten anywhere with it, I’ve also tried some “regex” stuff and that didn’t work either but I’m going to go ahead an chalk that up to not knowing how to properly write a regex expression.

What I have tried:

$config[‘ignore_mount’][] = “/vmfs/volumes/4ede117f-8ce9dbfd-b614-f9d2aa3e5e5a”;
$config[‘ignore_mount’][] = “/vmfs/volumes/5b62e073-f2ee23db-562c-00219b97cce7”;
$config[‘ignore_mount’][] = “/vmfs/volumes/d9c77274-1dd8d6e5-26a9-ce2ac458b35b”;
$config[‘ignore_mount’][] = “/vmfs/volumes/*”;

File system(s) which I need to block: