Improve Aerohive coverage

Related to, it’d be great to improve Aerohive AP coverage beyond basic system and interface stats to get something closer that what exists currently for Cisco WAP, such as client number per SSID and radio stats.

AeroHive APs support the IEEE802dot11 MIB so anything based on this from another vendor can be reused.

With respect to the proprietary MIB, there’s unfortunately no straightforward way to get the client number per SSID. Individual entries would have to be counted. I’m not sure if this is easy or at all possible with LibreNMS. It seems however that it’s possible to get Airtime busy % and other wifi traffic metrics directly.

See the zip files in on these points.

The MIB have been provided in the github issue. I can provide a full snmpwalk if necessary.

Thanks. Yes basic support as the Cisco wireless AP’s have. Would also be nice with cpu usage etc from system mib.

For anyone looking at this, AeroHive support was significantly improved by this PR:

I plan on giving the user per ssid a shot. Just haven’t had time yet.
I’ll take a look at the cacti script to see how they did it. I got to the point I figured out we needed to count the users and haven’t had a chance to get back to it.

Still need to figure out how we can get the airtime included as well.

I just added AP environment temp as well, which is actually the internal temp of the ap.