Improve Wireless collection and graphing code


Just ran discovery on HP Wireless MSM765 only discovered module was “Clients”. Should I submit SNMP Walk and Discovery and Pull to yall on Git Hub?


I’ve updated to the latest version of code and can see the additional wireless menus, but I have mixed results on the graphing.

We have some Siklu EH-600TX on the network which are now showing graphs for SNR / RSSI / Power/Signal / Frequency without any problems, but our Cisco WLC (8510) graphs for per-SSID clients are showing no data. The graph for overall client count is working fine.



We have an older Extreme Networks (formerly Motorola) RFS6000 unit that I would love to see more information on. The unit acts as the routing and switching portion of the wireless network, the AP units in the warehouse do not have IP addresses assigned; they simply forward the packets along the wire to the RFS6000 which handles the traffic. This creates some unique challenges as far as monitoring the actual health of the AP units. The health of the APs can be seen and extracted from the 6000, it would probably be possible to develop something that graphs all of the AP units but I think the result would be messy and hard to implement. Unfortunately it is also detected as a switch (which it is) and is classified as “Network” instead of “Wireless”. I’ve manually changed the detection to Wireless, but I think it will need some additional support.

Would it be safe to say that we would need to assign IP addresses to all of the AP units to effectively graph their performance (and monitor their error rates)? I’m asking because I’m trying to get a clarification on requirements that need to be met for LibreNMS to effectively monitor a wireless deployment that has IP-less AP units. I don’t think there is an easy solution to make this happen, other than writing some rather gnarly looking code to handle this and having that code figure out all of the AP stats from the data supplied by the 6000. I suspect the easiest solution is to bite the bullet and assign IP addresses to all APs, and then monitor each AP unit individually. This is not ideal in a deployment of 20+ AP units (you need to check 20+ hosts separately and look at 20+ sets of graphs) but it is certainly “cleaner” and easier.


@alanbboyd please report an issue on github for the Cisco WLC.


./discovery.php -h all -m wireless will run just the wireless discovery on all devices.

@jquagga Apple Airport should work for client counts, but I did not have any sample data. If you supply a walk, I can make sure it is well supported.


@Kevin_Krumm I have not gone through wireless controllers yet as that needs some more code overhauling and didn’t want things to get too big before merging.

I will work on controllers soon I think.


@apayne Depends on what information is provided over snmp by the controller. If you provide me with an snmpwalk and mibs, I can take a look:


It literally just fixed itself with the automatic discovery run during the night.
Today I can marvel at my new wireless graphs, I love it.

Thanks you so much for all your work @murrant!


Can you add Juniper WLC to wireless using the sample data below?



Also posted to GitHub, but here for completeness. On the Cisco 8510 WLC:


gives the client count per SSID, e.g.

. "eduroam"
. 3670




Probably, thanks for the tip @sirHulda !


This is already in use :wink:


Ahh… :blush: oops. Thanks!


If someone wants testing I have a lot of Wireless UBNT equipment, some LigoWave and IgniteNet.


@jjonsson UBNT is pretty well covered. IgniteNet has been added, but could use confirmation. We don’t have any LigoWave support yet. Please create an issue on github with the correct info.


I’ll do that…

My MetroLinq PTP-60 GHz links are reporting correct now. I get the wireless tab with RSSI etc.
Very nice!

I’ll gather SNMP info for my LigoWave stuff…


If i find the OIDs, is anyone interested in implementing client monitoring for Cisco WLC? So for example you can lookup a client MAC, see the AP they were connected too, what times, what speed, Signal Strength, bandwidth transferred. etc.


We mostly use Ubiquiti and OpenWrt based devices in our network, will these be supported in this wireless plugin?

Ubiquiti devices send wifi stats via snmp but OpenWrt ones don’t… so it could be something due to snmp client on OpenWrt… has anyone looked into this?


Ubiquiti is well supported. Openwrt is not. If you can get data from it over snmp, we could easily add support.


any interest to support Cisco Clean Air to visualize Rogue Clients and AP’s? If you I am happy to dump some OID’s and screen shots :wink: