Improving User Experience in Network Monitoring

"I feel that LibreNMS lacks these features, and if they are added, it will be much easier to use and save time. I’ll keep sharing what I think is right, but for now, I need these features the most. Thank you in advance; I hope you will pay attention to these things.

I need a feature to manage Device > Edit > Port Settings, Alert Rules, and Modules in bulk.

I suggest adding new features to manage these options in bulk. In the Devices section, from where I need to make bulk changes in devices, Port Settings, Alert Rules, and Modules options should be managed together, especially for the devices we have selected.

This can be very beneficial:

  1. In Alert Rules, by searching for, for example, 10.10.10., we can select all devices with the same series and bulk turn their port Alert Rules on and off.

  2. In Modules, we can make changes in bulk for devices with the same series. I can enable the modules I need and disable those I don’t.

  3. Bulk delete would make it easy if I need to delete switches in bulk from my network. Adding an option for bulk device deletion would allow me to select devices that are no longer in use and delete them with one click.
    The devices that have been continuously down for 2 to 10 days should have an option to be deleted all at once.

  4. In Port Settings, after selecting a device, there should be an option to manage ports in bulk, turning alerts or polling on or off for multiple ports at once.

  5. Voltage, Current, Power, Fan Speed, and Percent options should also be manageable in bulk. If I don’t need to monitor these on certain devices, I can select them all and turn them off at once."