Include interface in Overall Traffic using ifAlias or ifDescr that otherwise would be excluded

Would it be possible to add a way to include an interface in the Overall Traffic graph that would otherwise be blocked by the $config[‘device_traffic_descr’] or $config[‘device_traffic_iftype’]? Currently, there does not appear to be a way to whitelist an interface to have it show up in the Overall Traffic graph. This becomes an issue for some devices, specifically Cisco Firepower, where all of the interfaces have an ifType of “propVirtual” which is blocked by the $config[‘device_traffic_iftype’][] = “/virtual/”; entry. In order to get these interfaces in the Overall Traffic graph one has to remove “/virtual/” from this array, but the problem with this is that it enables a slew of other interfaces with an ifType of “propVirtual” such as “port-channels”. In order to only enable the desired interface, one has to go through and specifically block all of the other interfaces with an ifType of “propVirtual” using the $config[‘device_traffic_descr’] option and manually specifying each ifDescr they don’t want included. This is problematic because it requires the administrator to know what interfaces they don’t want included and manually ignore them, otherwise they will get added without the administrator’s immediate knowledge. It would be nice to have options like $config[‘device_traffic_good_ifalias’] and $config[‘device_traffic_good_ifdescr’] where an administrator could opt to include an interface in the Overall Traffic graph using the configured description (ifAlias) or the ifDescr of an interface.

As an example, here’s an excerpt from my config.php:

### device_traffic_iftype ###
# DEFAULT: device_traffic_iftype [ "/loopback/", "/tunnel/", "/virtual/", "/mpls/", "/ieee8023adLag/", "/l2vlan/", "/ppp/" ]
# Defaults
$config['device_traffic_iftype'][] = "/loopback/";
$config['device_traffic_iftype'][] = "/tunnel/";
#$config['device_traffic_iftype'][] = "/virtual/";
$config['device_traffic_iftype'][] = "/mpls/";
$config['device_traffic_iftype'][] = "/ieee8023adLag/";
$config['device_traffic_iftype'][] = "/l2vlan/";
$config['device_traffic_iftype'][] = "/ppp/";
# Additional

### device_traffic_descr ###
# DEFAULT: device_traffic_descr [ "/loopback/", "/vlan/", "/tunnel/", "/bond/", "/null/", "/dummy/" ]
# Defaults
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/loopback/";
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/vlan/";
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/tunnel/";
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/bond/";
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/null/";
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/dummy/";
# Additional
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/port-channel/";
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/stackport/";
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/stacksub/";
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/fifo/";
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/bvi/";
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/bundle-ether/";
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/bridge/";
$config['device_traffic_descr'][] = "/eobc/";

For reference: