Incorrect mount reported in size alert and in UI

I’ve posted in discord channel, but also posting here.

I mentioned a week or so ago about 21.8.0 alerting on the incorrect mount being full. This started happening in 21.8.0 (Docker container) with both on disk LVM mounts (not NFS) and also VMware vSphere mounts. I can confirm it happens in 21.9.1 as well.
e.g. LibreNMS UI shows /home is full and alerts on it; however, the actual server mount is /opt.
e.g. LibreNMS UI shows /storage/imagebuilder is full and alerts on it; however the actual mount full is /storage/archive

This could be two separate issues?

  • One being a mount reporting bug
  • The second being, possibly an incorrect/old VMware MIB. The mounts LibreNMS is reporting on is from 6.5; however, VMware updated their vSphere mounts in 6.7.

MIBs would not affect this as far as I know. But with out any snmpwalk or anything to look at I can only guess.

I have the debug data and am manually typing in the relevant pieces.

BLUF I do see the snmpwalk is correct, but the array that creates the SQL UPDATE is incorrect.

Specifically, the mount for /storage/imagebuilder is hrStorageIndex 17 (and INODE is 18) and /storage/archive (which is 95%) is hrStorageIndex 27 (and INODE 28), but the array that builds the SQL UPDATE array sets storage_index 27 to /storage/imagebuilder (when it should be /storage/archive) with the storage_used, storage free, storage_perc values set to the correct /storage/archive values.


Seems like either VMware is reporting the wrong index for one OID, or LibreNMS is assuming that certain OID values should match, and that isn’t the case.

It doesn’t just happen in VMware, it happens with other Linux host mounts as well. So, it does seem to be inherent to LibreNMS.

Can you have a look at my thread below, I suspect this is the same issue being discussed here, and I have provided SNMP data:

In short, if additional mount points (drives in the case of windows) are added dynamically and cause the drive/mount indexes to change in SNMP LibreNMS does not handle this properly causing the disk space of one mount point/drive to be attributed to another drive/mount point which was previously at that index.

Some aspects of the data (like drive names) seem to be cached and don’t update when the indexes in the SNMP data shift dynamically.

Has this issue been investigated or resolved?

I’ve tested this and this is certainly due to some oddness in how librenms reads ISO (and other?) non-nfs mounts.

My environment is strictly linux based, but seeing as my issue and the other Windows environment ticket mentioned Mounting ISO image in Windows server causing incorrect disc space data enumeration have the same reporting oddities with the poller showing the mismatched/missing Storage INODE storage_index.

My current work around is remove the device and re-add via the lnms CLI. This is only temporary until another ISO/non-nfs mount is initiated on the device.

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