Incorrect STP Forwarding and Blocking State Reporting in LibreNMS on a Juniper EX2300

I have a Juniper EX2300 with SNMP enabled. I have added it to LibreNMS

All seems to work…expect in LibreNMS is reports that certain interfaces are blocking when they are in fact forwarding and vise versa

I think I know why LibreNMS is returning the incorrect forwarding or blocking state–the OID dot1dStpPort doesn’t return an ifIndex value. Instead it returns a Port ID. LibreNMS is assuming that it was returning an ifIndex and not a Port ID.

With that said, there is a rosetta stone OID that, I believe, LibreNMS should be using to translate the Port ID into a ifIndex using the dot1dBasePortIfIndex OID so that it can associate the Port ID with the proper interface.

I hope that makes sense. If not, please ask me more questions.

Thanks for everyone’s help.