Individual email alerts


As of now NMS sends clubbed email alerts for all the alerts generated for a device. To be precise, If three ports of a device are down an email is send with details of the three. Will it be possible to have an individual email alert for each port or each alert. If it is not possible then will it be possible to guide how it can be done or what exactly needs to be changed,


This isn’t possible at present.

If you want to try this yourself then alerts.php is where you should start. I don’t expect this is a simple change and without going through the code to work it out (basically adding the support myself) then you’ll need to work through the code to find the best place to update this.

Thanks Laf. We have a team of in house developers. They can start on a test machine. Will it be possible for you to guide, whenever there are any doubts

I can do my best.